CBD Bath Bombs

There’s nothing quite like a long soak in the tub for easing tired muscles and setting the scene for a relaxed evening at home.

Are you starting a busy week or just Unwinding after a long week? If so, CBD Bath Bombs are just what you need. Our Bath Bombs are infused with CBD and Essential Oils to soothe and relax all your muscles.


Fighting a Cold

  • When you are battling a cold your throat and sinuses become inflamed. Breathing in steamy air infused with essential oils and CBD while in your bath will bring soothing relief. This will also help decongestant your lungs and sinuses.


  • After taking a few minutes to soak in warm, CBD filled water, you probably already feel calm and ready to nod off. The CBD oils will soak into your skin further relaxing your muscles.

Soothe your skin

  • Bathing in warm water opens your pores, leaves skin refreshed and glowing. Adding a Relax and CBD Bath Bomb infused Epson Salts, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils and of course CBD Oil to your bath will melt into your skin, providing a hefty dose of moisture and the health benefits of associated with CBD Oils.

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