CBD Bath Salt – Caldarium


CBD Bath Salt 3.5oz – Caldarium 30MG


Relax and CBD Bath Salts are extremely calming, and they make a great addition to any bath. These Epsom salts are infused with CBD Oils and various Essential Oils.

The effects can be felt almost instantly and last for several hours following your bath. In addition, your skin will be rehydrated and rejuvenated.

Our Caldarium Bath Salts are comprised of Natural Epsom Salts, the finest Pink Himalayan Sea Salts, Various Essential Oils, and of course our CBD Oils. Caldarium features Eucalyptus Essential Oil which is a Purifying, Cleansing, Clarifying, and Immune-Boosting Oil that is ideal for use on skin and in aromatherapy.


Ingredients – Epsom Salts, Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Various Essential Oils, CBD Oil, Various Dried Flowers


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Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 3.0 × 3.0 × 3 in

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  1. I tried the caldarium bath salt recently and I must say I soaked in the tub for way longer than I should. The scent is so minty and calming and after I came out of the tub I felt so relaxed and my body felt lighter. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to relax just before bed!

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